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Easiest Way To Make Your First Million

First of all, there are NO cheats for Runescape2 (stat editors, money editors, duplicators, etc.) and there is no way to hack the Jagex server. There are some auto-miners, auto-fishers, auto-trainers, etc. out there but by using them you are risking your account, not only by Jagex banning it but the program could also be a keylogger which sends your password to the program maker. The program could also be a virus. I have found some auto-miners that work but I don't use them for 2 reasons:
-Jagex could ban my account
-My method is MUCH more efficient for making money

Now that that is clear, here is my method for making a lot of money on Runescape:

(If you have more than 50,000 gold than skip this part)
Turning your first 30 gold into 1500:
Firstly, empty your inventory completely except for your 30 gold.Next, go to Port Sarim and go onto the dock. Talk to one of the sailors and ask to go to Karamja. The trip will cost you 30 gold but you'll earn that back quickly. When you arrive in Karamja, go to the first house you see and talk to a man named Luthas. He will ask you to pick bananas and then fill up the crate next to his house. Agree to do it as you will be earning 30 gold each time you fill the crate. Go to the fenced-in area west of his house and pick bananas from the tree. Once your inventory is full of bananas, go back to his house and fill the crate. When the crate is full, talk to Luthas and recieve your 30 gold. Do this over and over until you have 1500 gold. Remember patience is the key.

Now that you have 1500 gold, go back to the banana forest and go north until you find a fishing dock. This dock ALWAYS has players trying to raise their fishing levels. Here there will be fishers selling the fish they catch and you will be buying them. Lobsters are the most effective when it comes to making money off of fish so you're going to be buying 7 cooked lobsters for 200 gold each. Ignore anybody who is trying to sell their lobsters for more than 200 as this will mess up how much money you make. Remember, patience is the key. If there are no sellers, you can always try a different world. Once you have 7 lobsters, return to the dock on which you arrived. Pay the customs officer 30 gold and return to Port Sarim. Now there are 2 place that i recommend you go to: -Falador East Bank
                                 -Varrock West/East Bank (either one is fine)
Since you bought the lobsters for 200 each, you are now going to sell them for 250 each. You may not sell all of them right away but you will, it just takes patience. After you have sold the lobsters, you should have about 1750 gold. That's a 350 gold profit! It may not seem like much but you will now be able to buy 2 more lobsters than before. As you continue this, your money will progressively grow. Remember to always leave 30 gold extra for the trip to/from Karamja. Continue this process until you have 50,000 gold.


Ok, now this is where the big money is at. You are now going to turn 50,000 gold into your first million in less than a week. You will now be buying coal and then reselling it for more, or as I like to call it: Flipping Notes. Since you will be handling bulk(more than 100), you will have to turn your coal into notes. The best place by far to Flip Coal Notes is at the Falador East Bank. It's best to Flip Notes in a fairly busy world (1600 players or more) because there are more sellers and buyers. The first thing you should do is buy as much coal as you can for 150 gold per ore. Don't spend anymore per ore since you want to be making a big profit. Once you have about 300 coal, go to one of the marketplace worlds (World 1, World 3, World 4) or, if those are full, the busiest world you can find. You are now going to want to sell your coal for AT LEAST 160 per ore. I usually like to aim for 170 per ore but 160 is still good. There are always people buying and selling coal since its in high demand. If you sold your coal for 160 each, you just made a 3000 gold profit. It may not seem like much but before you know it, you'll be making a lot of money. Some people may think that mining the coal is more profitable then buying and selling it but truthfully it isn't because you are handling in bulk, you make more money per hour.
When you start buying a lot of coal (over 1k coal) you have to start being VERY careful because you are dealing with a lot of money. Many players will say they are selling 1000 coal but when you put your 150k up in the trade window, they turn the 1000 into 100, hoping that you don't notice. Keeping an eye out for that sort of stuff can save you a LOT of money. Believe me, there's almost nothing more frustrating than getting cheated out of your hard earned money.

It's always good to buy coal at 150 per ore but if you find somebody selling coal for 100 per ore, not only do you get cheap coal, you may get a permanent source of coal. To convince them to sell you coal for a long time, you need to offer them a fair 150 per ore because if they see other people paying 150/ore and you're only paying 100/ore, you are going to lose a source of coal. So if you can manage to find 5 or more people doing so and get them to agree to supply you coal, you will be set for life.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is people buying coal for 200/ore. These people are very rare to find but if you manage to find one, add him/her on your friend list and ask if they will always buy coal off of you for 200/ore. If they say no, you can rmeove them from your friend list but if they say less, you will be getting your first MILLION gold much quicker.
It's always good to professionalize in 1 product as you will learn more tricks to it. Remember, patience is the key to this method. The beginning of it may be somewhat slow but once you get going, you will be surprised at how much money you will be making. I turned 50k into 1Million in less than a week and I was surprised at how easy it was.

Well, I hope my guide helped you as much as it helped me.
Thanks for reading,

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